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2D Játéklista

Top 10 2D játékok
A 2D-s grafikájú játékok gyakran laposak, mivel a tárgyakat és a karaktereket egyenes vagy geometriai minták jelenítik meg. Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch

Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch

Hidden Object AdventureHidden Object Puzzle 5,4 Értékelés Go on an exciting adventure with the famous Samantha Swift

Locate tools and uncover hidden objects in various scenes

Collect priceless artifacts for the Museum of Secrets Lost
Christmas Wonderland

Christmas Wonderland

Classic Hidden ObjectsHolidays 4,5 Értékelés Experience a fun and addictive holiday themed hidden object game.

Play through fun hidden object scenes with interesting objects and high quality design.

Solve the challenging puzzles to progress further and open new beautiful scenes.
Christmas Wonderland 6

Christmas Wonderland 6

Classic Hidden ObjectsHolidaysHidden Object Puzzle 9,2 Értékelés Get into the holiday spirit with this phenomenal hidden object game that’s full of great moments.

Enjoy the phenomenal visuals that are sure to impress pretty much every single person who lays eyes on them.

Solve the intuitive mini-games and puzzle sequences to progress further into the game.
Jane Austen

Jane Austen

7 Értékelés Join the original social networker, Jane Austen, and her beloved characters in this hidden object game set in Regency England.

It seems that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have escaped from Pride and Prejudice, and they’re conspiring with the heroes of Jane’s other great novels! But to what end?

Discover for yourself as you solve hidden object puzzles, challenge your friends, and build your own home in the world of Jane Austen.
Living Classics

Living Classics

9 Értékelés Search through vibrant, animated illustrations for moving objects from classic, well-loved stories such as Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, King Arthur, and more.

Play through all the different levels and find all the hidden objects.

Enjoy great game experience and share it with your friends.
7 Differences

7 Differences

10 Értékelés 7 Differences is a Spot the Difference game using fun cartoon images its a fun take on a classic idea.

Spot the 7 Differences in the 2 cartoons.

Earn points and show off to your friends on Facebook!
Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom

Gourmania 3

Download 8 Értékelés Run your restaurant by finding the hidden foods and ingredients.

Complete customer orders and get paid.

Use your money to build your own zoo.
Zulu's Zoo

Zulu's Zoo

10 Értékelés Find the animals and objects in the zoo.

Play mini games to help you earn rewards.

Use the stars you collect as hints.
Family Vacation: California

Family Vacation

Download 7,5 Értékelés Explore amazing Hidden Object windows, from the bedroom to the beach.

Play mini games to help the story along.

Take family photos and look over them in your own album.
Nora Roberts - A Vision in White

Nora Roberts

Download 7,5 Értékelés Immerse yourself as Mac as you interact with the story.

Complete beautiful Hidden Object Windows.

Play mini games to earn extra hints for each chapter.

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